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I have to thank all visitors who used my programs.
    Alexander Shulgin


Build (21/08/2003)

WolandSoft® HCDA consists of an CD data storage, software package organizer and debtors control utility. Storing your CD in database you can quickly get all necessary information about your CD contents even if it not at home. Joining software from different CD to logical package provide full picture about each software parts. Controlling disk's debtors allow to remember all loans CD and know trust level of your friends.
The program is fully free.
OS support Win9x\WinNT\Win2k\XP.

Changes in this version:
1. Norwegian language was updated.

Windows 95 and NT4 users:
You must install IE4 or higher before installing HCDA.

For update your DB to new HCDA version you must install this build over old installation to same directory without uninstalling previous.

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Thanks to:

    Jon F Zahornacky for FreeDB access ActiveX control.
    Javier Alcobendas
for Spanish language translation.
    Jan Magne Tjensvold
for Norwegian language translation.
    Emil Ferjancic
for Slovenian language translation.